Waking up from the deepest dream to…

First gray hair, first wrinkles

The sound of wind passing through your hair

Clean air right after rain

The smell of freshly cut grass

Pure laugh coming from children chasing each other in the park


I often forget that we are surrounded by a constantly moving and changing world. A world full of colors, tastes, sounds, emotions. I pass by it every day. Unconscious. Asleep.

I wake up. Often enough to realize that this planet, the people that I meet, the experiences I and you – we have, are so meaningful and fragile.


Sit down. Turn off your busy life. Right now, you are in a very deep sleep. Wake up.


I think it’s good to fall asleep from time to time, to forget and then wake up again to …

The sound of sadnessĀ 

The sound of happinessĀ 

The sound of loveĀ 

The sound of truth

The sound of lies

The sound of life.



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