I got to interview my favorite YouTuber!

12:55 – “ok, ok. 5 more minutes. I got this”

12:57 -” I’m so nervous. Maybe I should eat ice cream, that will calm me down..”

12:58 – “No no bad idea. Just sit where you are”

12:59 – “I need to drink water or I will pass out”

1:00 pm – “Oh Gosh.. It’s time”

I am taking a class called professional development seminar. One of our projects was to interview someone we look up to, our mentor. For the longest time, I couldn’t think of anyone. Then one day I stumbled upon this lovely lady… 🙂

My first thought was – no, she will never respond to me. Why bother, she has so many things on her mind.

Well… the need to ask her questions and get to know her was too strong:) I emailed her, but to be very honest, did not expect any response. The next day, I woke up to her positive email saying she would love to Skype call with me! I couldn’t believe it!!!

Jola Szymańska is a journalist, blogger, YouTuber and a happy wife 🙂 In her blog and YouTube she talks about things that bother her, topics she is passionate about, very often  what we call “controversial”. That is what drawn me to her. Honesty, positive vibe, strong believes and huge amount of knowledge she has in each topic she writes or talks about.

The best part of this story is that I found out about Jola and her YouTube channel 2 weeks ago. It took 15 minutes (or even less then that) to fall in love with her. The way she approaches life, her vision and mission is completely different from anything I have ever seen and experienced before.

“I started to write my blog because I wanted to give myself a space of freedom” 


jola 2.jpg

To me Jola is much more than just a YouTuber that I like to watch. She became a mentor and someone I look up to.

“I had a huge need to create.” 

When she started she did not even own a laptop where she could edit her videos. She had to borrow one from her friends. All her early recordings were done using her smartphone (keep in mind that it was a few years ago). That is crazy to me.

So many times all we do is find excuses not to do something, even if we want to. There will be obstacles in our life every time. It depends only on us if we choose to keep complaining about them or embrace them and do what we love and want.

Jola proves me that you can do it if you only want to. It is a process. She didn’t become a famous blogger and YouTuber in a few months.

Watching her progress and how much she has changed over the years in her brand, channel etc. is absolutely incredible.

The best part is the fact that she is just a normal, happy and super positive person. Down on earth, so not “fancy and famous”. 🙂

If you would like to read her articles in English! 🙂 click –> here 


I am so glad I got to talk to her. It is incredible how one conversation can be absolutely life changing.

Above all of that, I feel like I gained a life long friend! 🙂

There is so much magic happening around us. Listen listen listen to one another! Have conversations with each other.

Human beings are so intriguing. Open yourself up for love and people and it will come to you!

Jolu – thank you once again for your time and wisdom! You are absolutely exceptional!:)


Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 7.26.36 PM

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