Why is a lake house better than any hotel in the world.. ?

I have a Grandma. Her name is Ela. She is now over 85 years old. Her heart is filled with love, compassion for others, patience and positivity.

I love her 🙂


During summer she moves to her little lake house. There is no internet, barely any phone signal. It’s in the woods, right by water.

Sounds like a dream right? Well, it is 🙂 You are not wrong.


The secret about this place does not lay in the new furniture, fancy modern design or any materialistic thing you can think of.

The house is very old. It has a fire place, porch and little cosy attic. The secret is hidden in a person who lives there.


I remember one summer, I spent hours swimming in the lake, cooking, painting on the porch, reading books, sewing. It was enough. I was more than enough.


There, I feel loved, not judged, cared about, listened.

We look for fancy, expensive hotels, beach with white sand and turquoise water, drinks under a palm tree. As if only there we could be in a real paradise. Maybe we could be happy there, I am not saying not but…

If you are not under a palm tree but an apple tree, if you are not sitting on a white sand beach but grass, if you are not drinking fresh orange juice with a little umbrella but tea from your Grandma’s favorite mug, does it mean you are less happy?



For me, moments where I can learn how to knit a scarf from my Babcia, make her a cup of her favorite tea, talk about my heartbreaks and dreams, cook dinner with her, sit on the porch and listen to birds at 6 in the morning, is worth more than any 5 star hotel on this planet.

It is not so important of where we are, how cool looking the place is or how expensive and fancy it may be.

The secret lays in who is next to us.

I love you Babciu!

Can’t wait for the next summer with you 🙂


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Do you even care?

This post is going to be a little bit more serious than the other ones I made here. I have been thinking so much about this topic recently that I need to let it out and share it with you.

What do you live for? What do you care about in life? What do you not want to regret in the moment of your death? Is it really the “x” amount of hours in the office/job you may have? Is it really all about music…? Is life really all about me, I, myself…

Have you ever stopped and thought, what about those who are close to me? What about the world? What extra am I doing in this life?

I am so guilty of it myself and that is why I want you to think. Think about your life.

Do you know that there are hungry people around you? Even your friends, who maybe forgot their money that day and can’t buy food. Homeless people.. Do you know how much a yogurt costs? Is it really too much to help?

Do you know that there are countries in this world where people have no freedom what so ever?

648941-north-korea-soldier 2.jpg

Do you know that there are people starving to death right now? Let me say it again, starving to death… 

starving-child-5 2.jpg

Do you know how many lonely old people are there in this world who just need some company? Someone to care about them? To call for 10 minutes and ask how their day was?


Do you know that there are little new born babies in the world who can not find home and are put in special hospitals with only few nurses to take care of them? They are tiny. They cry a lot, they need love, they need to be hugged and carried around, close to the heart. But there are not enough people to hug them so they grow up with many difficulties. They don’t develop properly.

Can you feel the loneliness they are going through every day? When they grow older and they can’t run to mom or dad and tell them about their achievements at school, or that they got the first place in a dance competition… No one is really waiting for them and all they are waiting for it love. Can you feel it? It is heart breaking. But you know what? There are volunteers who go to those babies and hug them for hours. Just hug… Just because.


Do you know..

Do you know..

Do you know..

Do you even care ?

What are we living for in this world? Why is it so hard to do more than just fulfill our own ego, our needs.

What is a good life for you? Isn’t giving more beautiful than receiving? 

Live beyond, please, live beyond your passion, your ego, yourself.

There is so much to do for others in this world. Even little things…

Just think about it, think about what you not want to regret in the moment of your death. Is helping others, doing something extra, really that much? Why do we live such “small” lives? Human beings are capable of so much.

You can start now. You can change your life right now.


Do you even care.. ? 


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