Have you ever waned the world to stop?

When I was little I always wanted the world to stop, even for a minute. I wanted to be the one who can see frozen cars and birds, walk around when everything stops. I bet you thought about that at least once in your life, didn’t you? 🙂

Believe it or not but it happened to me, well… almost.

I go to school in Boston and the main two buildings are located by a pretty busy street. There are cars there at all times, day and night. People walk from building to building, class to class.

You may think, how did the world stop then? It did!

It was a Tuesday afternoon. I got an alert from public safety that the school is going to be closed because of the snow storm. Since the weather seemed to be just fine, I decided to stay at school for a longer time. Few hours later, I looked outside and realized that the snow has come. That night I decided to sleep on my friend’s couch and not risk going home in such wind and storm. The next morning I woke up to a frozen world.




Almost no cars, no people. Just silence and snow. I felt like the world froze for a day. I walked around, everything was closed, the city was absolutely dead. In a place like Boston only snow could put it to ”sleep” and it did. It was strange.. yet beautiful.


Have you ever wondered how would it feel like if the world stopped? I got to experience only a little bit of that and it was beyond magical.

29365711_10204102984652592_3854963014809681920_o (1).jpg

Remember, find joy in the little moments 🙂 Go for a walk with your friends, have a snow fight, cook with your family. There is beauty in everything. Just open your eyes and see it!



Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 7.26.36 PM


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