Carla Bruni, getting married and late Valentine’s gift.

It was a Thursday night. Upon my arrival to work, I found out that the performer of the night will be.. Carla Bruni!! Who would have thought she will come and sing at Berklee Performance Center.

We got assigned to our positions and just like every other work shift I went to do my job. At the end of the show, Carla decided to sing 2 songs for an encore. (I was standing by the stage just to make sure no one goes on and off at the end).

When she finished the first song I noticed that a guy from a first row goes on his knee and proposes to a girl! First of all, I’ve never seen that happen in real life. Second of all, all my thoughts were focused on how much I wish Carla could see it. Well… she didn’t.


After the concert I asked them if they would like a picture on the stage. We started talking and I was just so so happy for them 🙂

They left. Maybe 2 minutes after they left, Carla’s tour manager (or something among those lines 🙂 ) came on stage. I told him about what happened and asked if he could let Carla know about it. He said: ” Where is the couple?!”. I ran and found them. Brought them back to the stage and they went to meet her!!!

At the end of my shift I saw them again. They were just a ball of happiness.



Best after Valentine’s gift possible 🙂


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