A thousand miles away..

25634903_10203771550686950_1303668703_o.jpgWhen I go to the airport I always think of the time, dreams, destinations and the road we go through to get where we want to be.

Waiting to see the loved ones we haven’t seen for months or years, leaving what we know to chaise our dreams, coming back to reunite, even if for a couple of days etc.25624377_10203771578767652_102083504_o.jpg25635058_10203771550646949_55039846_o (1).jpg

The reason why I absolutely love Christmas, is the fact that my entire family gets together. We live in all parts of the world. Boston, California, Georgia, Philippines… Crazy right? No matter what, we all come to Poland, every – single – year. To meet, to be together..! 25624413_10203771550806953_788540603_o.jpg25624557_10203771550846954_2109105386_o.jpg25624756_10203771550566947_674560726_o (2).jpg

Christmas is special in so many ways.. It reminds me that family is the core of my life. Being together, supporting each other, traveling a thousand miles, is worth it each time.


Once a year we are not a thousand miles away.




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Never enough .. Celebrating every day! :)

Christmas is not only a time when my family eats a lot of food.. 🙂 It is also a time when we turn our house in a Holiday winter wonderland. 25552734_10203767762672252_597828874_o.jpg

When I walk in, I feel like I just arrived at Santa’s house at the North Pole. We have decorations literally everywhere, and to be honest.. I love it!  It only adds up the the magical spirit that Christmas brings each year.


I can not take credit for these amazing decorations. It is all done by my mom. I think she has the most artsy soul in the family. She always tells me stories about her mother, who taught her all of that, and who was always looking forward to Christmas or Easter or even just casual dinner with friends. It was always a chance to prepare something beautiful! 25592978_10203767763152264_641929797_o.jpg

That’s my Grandma! So beautiful, isn’t she?

I hope I also got some of her creative genes in my blood 🙂


I think Christmas is a good remind of the importance of small “special” moments in our life. Celebrating the time that we have together with the ones that we love, friends, family. Why wait? 🙂 Do it now!25577381_10203767762352244_268381403_o.jpg

Love always,

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Getting ready for Christmas!

Did I mention that I love Christmas?

Family gets together for a few days, we exchange gifts and surprise one another, we eat and cook, watch movies and sing carols and when we are tired of all of that, we eat a little bit more .. Basically, we eat all the time. 🙂


This year I decided to do a Christmas countdown.

It’s Monday and everyday is very significant since we are only a few days away from December 24th!

Let’s begin with gingerbread cookies. Who doesn’t like those??? 25552512_10203763294680555_1428825006_o.jpg

Not only you get to eat them while you make them :), you can also decorate them in all sorts of ways. It can be such an amazing family activity.

We haven’t decorated ours yet, have you?


What is your favorite Christmas activity that you do with your family? 🙂



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