How 4 days can change your life..

Although it’s summer, I feel like I didn’t have time to rest. Promotion, concerts, rehearsals etc. that were a part of the EP took over my entire time and energy. All I wanted is to get away, be somewhere where there is no internet, no signal and a lake that I can swim in:) 21057060_10203384844339533_1745012615_o.jpg

I think I have a really good luck, because upon my arrival to my Grandma’s house there was a storm, which lead to no power, no signal and no water. At first I thought it’s a disaster. Only later I realized it was a true blessing.

How no power, no internet, no heat or water be a blessing? Well, when you have absolutely nothing you have time. Time to be creative, to think, to reflect, to rest. Time to actually talk to someone that is next to you, to have discussions about the book you read or the things you see around you.


I am not a painter. I was always ashamed to do it because I saw the things I don’t like in all that I drew or painted. When I had no internet or power, I had nothing/no one to compare myself to. I brought brushes and paint just in case I would want to try to create something again. One evening, I sat down at a porch and started drawing. It opened up my brain, my soul and suddenly I stopped judging myself.

Is it because I had no internet or power and I was resting from something that is constantly in my mind and hands? I don’t know. What I know for sure is that a small thing like this changed me and how I feel when I do things I am not perfect or even good at.


That way, 4 days with no power, no signal and no water changed my life. I realized that talking to people, but not half talking!, is more important than anything. Being present right now, taking time to listen to your thoughts, ideas, not judging yourself and letting go of fears and barriers that we create for ourselves is a key to be happy.


Try it.

Listen to what is inside of you, don’t just judge yourself, do something that you always wanted but maybe you were too afraid to do.

Sometimes a small thing such as no power can change your life/point of view.


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The night of my dreams!

One year ago, I remember going to the manager of a place called “Cud nad Wisłą” in Warsaw, and asking if there is a possibility of performing there. The first question I heard was: “Are you famous?” (yep, he really said it). My reply was obvious. I heard that I should come back in a few years.

For many, situations like this demotivate, everything seems impossible to accomplish, but for me it is a complete opposite. That gave me more strength to prove him wrong. I remember walking away from that place thinking that I will perform there sooner or later.

Almost exactly a year later, I was standing on that stage, with my band ready to go, with my debut EP in my hands, thinking that impossible, became possible.

20747139_10203339282880525_1810449024_o.jpg(photo taken before the sound check)

It was the biggest concert I’ve ever played in my life and… it felt like the night of my dreams! Many of my friends and family showed up, but also a lot of people that I’ve never met before.

There is nothing like seeing smiling faces after your concert, walking away, singing your song. It all wouldn’t be possible, if not for the people who came and supported me. Thank you for making that concert so magical and making my dream come true 🙂

20727549_10203339282920526_311354986_o.jpg(photo taken by Weronika Kuroczko Photography)


“The best things in life come unexpectedly”


Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 7.26.36 PM