Waking up from the deepest dream to…

First gray hair, first wrinkles

The sound of wind passing through your hair

Clean air right after rain

The smell of freshly cut grass

Pure laugh coming from children chasing each other in the park


I often forget that we are surrounded by a constantly moving and changing world. A world full of colors, tastes, sounds, emotions. I pass by it every day. Unconscious. Asleep.

I wake up. Often enough to realize that this planet, the people that I meet, the experiences I and you – we have, are so meaningful and fragile.


Sit down. Turn off your busy life. Right now, you are in a very deep sleep. Wake up.


I think it’s good to fall asleep from time to time, to forget and then wake up again to …

The sound of sadness 

The sound of happiness 

The sound of love 

The sound of truth

The sound of lies

The sound of life.



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So… what do you want to do after graduation? 

“Basia, so what do you want to do after graduation?”

This is the question I get asked the most. There is nothing wrong with it, yet every time I hear it, something in my stomach turns upside down and I get a little bit nervous.

When my mom asked me that question today, I cried. Why? Because I’m scared. “What are you so afraid of?” – she said. “I’m afraid of the unknown” “But if you don’t know what will happen then how can you be afraid of it?”


I thought a lot about the topic called “future“, believe me. I asked my friends the same question I get asked multiple times a week. Talking to people made me realize that it is not only about not knowing what will happen and fearing the “after graduation” life. The funny thing is that when I changed the question from “what do you want to do after graduation?” to “if you could do anything, have any kind of job in the world, what would it be? What would that dream job be?” – every singe person was able to answer.

We all have dreams and deep down inside we know what we think, would be right for us. It’s just very hard to talk about it out loud. Why? I think it’s because it seems impossible to achieve, according to some. We come up with answers that will make us sound good and “figured out” and that will satisfy those who care about us and wish us well. Honestly I feel like because of that we don’t really do what we actually want to do. We run away, get scared.

When you ask a 4 year old : hey, what do you want to do when you grow up? Oh they will tell you right away! I want to be a policeman or an astronaut or I want to be a famous singer. I don’t think they are scared to dream of that.

I know that we can’t always do exactly what we want but… what if you never try? Or what if it’s sooooo hard, it’s just better to give up after one failure?

Nothing that has value in life, NOTHING, comes easy. Success doesn’t happen over night. Those people we look up to didn’t get where they are just like that. I know it..and you know it too. Yes, having luck is one thing, but persistence is way more important and without it, even luck can’t help it.


It’s not about the fear of what will happen, it’s more about how hard you are willing to work to make that inner dream come true. The dream that is driving you crazy each time you think it could actually happen. The one you are so afraid of..

It’s easy to find substitutes. I am a master of running away from my biggest dreams. Are you?

What is your dream? What are you running away from? When you close your eyes, what would you wish your life could be?

I know what it is for me and I know you know what it is for you. Let me tell you something. It will be hard and it will take you a few years to get it, but you know what? It will happen if you just not stop, never ever stop. Couple of years from now you will sit in a chair and thank yourself that you did it, that all this hard work brought you to where you should be.

But please, do it. Promise me and yourself that no matter what, you will at least try. Not the “I tried and it didn’t work out” but the “I gave my heart into it and it wasn’t “it” but because of my hard work I am now in a different place, a happy place, a place I wouldn’t be if I didn’t dream”

The destination can change, but if you never take a chance and the road to your dreams, you will never know what you could have had.



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I missed my flight by 1 minute..

How can you miss a flight by 1 minute? Well, you can! 🙂 Here is how that happened.


I received an email from OneTravel (that is where I bought the ticket), that my flight is delayed and will be leaving at 10 pm. I got to the airport at 8:45 pm just to find out that yes it was delayed, but now it’s not, and the airplane is leaving at 9:20 pm, just as it was originally scheduled.

Did I get another email about that? No 🙂

I couldn’t do the check in myself so I got helped by one of the airport employees.  She looked at me and said : ” You can’t take this plane. You missed it by 1 minute and 6 seconds” 

One can argue that life in this situation is unfair. I could be mad and try to fight with the system. I think I could do all sorts of things but I didn’t. I was put on a standby list for a plane leaving 3 hours later.

Ok, but where does this whole story leads us to?

When I created this blog, (over a year ago now!), I chose a name happydays, because I believe that we can find positives in everything (almost! 🙂 ). That is why I wanted to share this story with you!

For example, I got an exit row! So nice right? Sooo much space for legs (not that I need it, I’m very short haha) But hey! I felt super lucky! 🙂 I missed my flight by 1 min, but at least I got to exit row on the next flight! 😎


Missing a flight is not the end of the world. Yes, you could be late to something, or even miss a meeting but there are worse things that are happening in the world. Don’t even make me give you examples.. You know exactly what I am talking about.

Soooo take a chill pill! Sit down, relax, use this time for something meaningful. Read a book, talk to your family, write a blog post 🙂

What can you do, if you can’t do anything? 🤗

Maybe today is a good day to notice what’s good in your life! Not bad, GOOD 🙂



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How to live a meaningful life?

While we were driving from my brother’s graduation lunch, my cousin proposed that we should listen to Michael Jackson. Everybody agreed. Who would not?:) While listening to “Billie Jean”, Antek – my brother, asked how Jackson died, what happened to him, what is the story of his life.

Normal question right? To me it was a moment of realization. It hit me that everything that we have could end at any point.

michael-jackson-lifetime-biopic-1484414666-640x992 2.jpg

Life is short. We really take it for granted every single day. We have set amount of days, years and hours given, yet we waste so much of them on …

You can fill in the blank yourself.

So what does Michael Jackson has to do with it? Well, he made me think of what we are going to leave behind. What will stay after we are gone.

He left us with music that will last for years. He changed the way people dance, dress, listen to music. But even more than that, he was and still is a part of my life, your life. Through happy and sad moments. You can listen to his music at any point and feel something. Yes, he is gone, but he left us with music that will last forever in our lives.

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Ok, but what if you are not a musician? or an artist? Does that mean you can not make a change or difference?

Of course not! 🙂

It is more about living with purpose, living with a thought that we only have a certain amount of time on this planet earth. Some more than others.

So what do you want to do? What is your dream? What is the change you want to see? What do you want to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered?

If you knew you have one more day left, would you be happy with what you have done so far?

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Meaningful life can be a lot of things. Here are some points that are important to me.

  1. Be the change you want to see in the world and don’t complain too much. There are people who would love to be where you are right now.
  2. Live today. Thinking ahead too much will not help if you can’t live a full life right at this moment.
  3. Find your purpose and purse it. Whatever it may be. People will tell you all the best advice in the world but at the end of the day, it is your life and you will live with the decisions you’ve made, not they.
  4. Love others.  Treat everyone with love, as if they were your brothers and sisters.
  5. Find simple joy every single day. We wait for these huge moments to happen but to be honest, best things are happening right next to us and the magic of a meaningful life is to notice them.
  6. Serve other people. The world has an “I” problem. It’s about me, I. Once you notice that the power lays in “we” “together” “me for you”, your life will be much happier.
  7. Give more than receive. Love always comes back and once you start giving it, it will come back to you in the time of need twice as big as what you gave, believe me.
  8. Be thankful. Imagine you wake up tomorrow with only those things you thanked for today.. Exactly. So be grateful for all that you have.

Call your family, tell them you love them. Be the change you want to see. Live a life you would be proud of at the end of your time on this earth and remember that life is so much more than “I”.

It is never too late to start over. You can do it right now.


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Why I Always Cry at Weddings, The Power of Love. #royalwedding

Some people express their happiness through smile, some through jumping up and down or laughter. Another group of people holds it inside or gets “butterflies”.

When I am happy – I cry. A lot.

I cried when  I got accepted to the University, I cried when I graduated from high school, I cried when my brother told me he is going to UCSD, I cried when m friend told me she has a boyfriend, I cried when my friend asked me to be her Made of Honor, I cried today watching the Royal Wedding.

Why? Tears clear soul, bring out every emotion.

When I was watching the Royal Wedding I felt as if my entire body was filled with happiness, joy and gratitude that this day is still so special to human beings.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 12.33.20 PM.png

There is something so magical about two people being in love, looking into each others eyes and saying that they will be there for one another “until death do us apart.”

 Love brings us together and this special day shows the peak of it.

I cried a lot when I was watching the Royal Wedding but those were the tears of enormous happiness and hope that one day I will be able to love as much as they do and start my own family 🙂

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I really want to make my part of the blog short to leave you with this beyond beautiful and powerful quote from the Sermon by Most Rev. Michael Curry, that he gave during the Royal Wedding today :

“Think and imagine a world when love is the way. Imagine our homes and families when love is the way. Imagine neighborhoods and communities when love is the way. Imagine governments and nations when love is the way. Imagine business and commerce when love is the way. Imagine this tired, old world when love is the way. When love is the way—unselfish, sacrificial, redemptive—then no child will go to bed hungry in this world ever again. When love is the way, we will let justice roll down like a mighty stream and righteousness like an ever-flowing brook. When love is the way, poverty will become history. When love is the way, the Earth will be a sanctuary. When love is the way, we will lay down our swords and shields down by the riverside to study war no more. When love is the way, there is plenty of good room for all of God’s children. Because when love is the way, we actually treat each other like we are actually family.” – The Most Rev. Michael Curry.

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Go and love one another. LOVE!


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I got to interview my favorite YouTuber!

12:55 – “ok, ok. 5 more minutes. I got this”

12:57 -” I’m so nervous. Maybe I should eat ice cream, that will calm me down..”

12:58 – “No no bad idea. Just sit where you are”

12:59 – “I need to drink water or I will pass out”

1:00 pm – “Oh Gosh.. It’s time”

I am taking a class called professional development seminar. One of our projects was to interview someone we look up to, our mentor. For the longest time, I couldn’t think of anyone. Then one day I stumbled upon this lovely lady… 🙂

My first thought was – no, she will never respond to me. Why bother, she has so many things on her mind.

Well… the need to ask her questions and get to know her was too strong:) I emailed her, but to be very honest, did not expect any response. The next day, I woke up to her positive email saying she would love to Skype call with me! I couldn’t believe it!!!

Jola Szymańska is a journalist, blogger, YouTuber and a happy wife 🙂 In her blog and YouTube she talks about things that bother her, topics she is passionate about, very often  what we call “controversial”. That is what drawn me to her. Honesty, positive vibe, strong believes and huge amount of knowledge she has in each topic she writes or talks about.

The best part of this story is that I found out about Jola and her YouTube channel 2 weeks ago. It took 15 minutes (or even less then that) to fall in love with her. The way she approaches life, her vision and mission is completely different from anything I have ever seen and experienced before.

“I started to write my blog because I wanted to give myself a space of freedom” 


jola 2.jpg

To me Jola is much more than just a YouTuber that I like to watch. She became a mentor and someone I look up to.

“I had a huge need to create.” 

When she started she did not even own a laptop where she could edit her videos. She had to borrow one from her friends. All her early recordings were done using her smartphone (keep in mind that it was a few years ago). That is crazy to me.

So many times all we do is find excuses not to do something, even if we want to. There will be obstacles in our life every time. It depends only on us if we choose to keep complaining about them or embrace them and do what we love and want.

Jola proves me that you can do it if you only want to. It is a process. She didn’t become a famous blogger and YouTuber in a few months.

Watching her progress and how much she has changed over the years in her brand, channel etc. is absolutely incredible.

The best part is the fact that she is just a normal, happy and super positive person. Down on earth, so not “fancy and famous”. 🙂

If you would like to read her articles in English! 🙂 click –> here 


I am so glad I got to talk to her. It is incredible how one conversation can be absolutely life changing.

Above all of that, I feel like I gained a life long friend! 🙂

There is so much magic happening around us. Listen listen listen to one another! Have conversations with each other.

Human beings are so intriguing. Open yourself up for love and people and it will come to you!

Jolu – thank you once again for your time and wisdom! You are absolutely exceptional!:)


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Why is a lake house better than any hotel in the world.. ?

I have a Grandma. Her name is Ela. She is now over 85 years old. Her heart is filled with love, compassion for others, patience and positivity.

I love her 🙂


During summer she moves to her little lake house. There is no internet, barely any phone signal. It’s in the woods, right by water.

Sounds like a dream right? Well, it is 🙂 You are not wrong.


The secret about this place does not lay in the new furniture, fancy modern design or any materialistic thing you can think of.

The house is very old. It has a fire place, porch and little cosy attic. The secret is hidden in a person who lives there.


I remember one summer, I spent hours swimming in the lake, cooking, painting on the porch, reading books, sewing. It was enough. I was more than enough.


There, I feel loved, not judged, cared about, listened.

We look for fancy, expensive hotels, beach with white sand and turquoise water, drinks under a palm tree. As if only there we could be in a real paradise. Maybe we could be happy there, I am not saying not but…

If you are not under a palm tree but an apple tree, if you are not sitting on a white sand beach but grass, if you are not drinking fresh orange juice with a little umbrella but tea from your Grandma’s favorite mug, does it mean you are less happy?



For me, moments where I can learn how to knit a scarf from my Babcia, make her a cup of her favorite tea, talk about my heartbreaks and dreams, cook dinner with her, sit on the porch and listen to birds at 6 in the morning, is worth more than any 5 star hotel on this planet.

It is not so important of where we are, how cool looking the place is or how expensive and fancy it may be.

The secret lays in who is next to us.

I love you Babciu!

Can’t wait for the next summer with you 🙂


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Do you even care?

This post is going to be a little bit more serious than the other ones I made here. I have been thinking so much about this topic recently that I need to let it out and share it with you.

What do you live for? What do you care about in life? What do you not want to regret in the moment of your death? Is it really the “x” amount of hours in the office/job you may have? Is it really all about music…? Is life really all about me, I, myself…

Have you ever stopped and thought, what about those who are close to me? What about the world? What extra am I doing in this life?

I am so guilty of it myself and that is why I want you to think. Think about your life.

Do you know that there are hungry people around you? Even your friends, who maybe forgot their money that day and can’t buy food. Homeless people.. Do you know how much a yogurt costs? Is it really too much to help?

Do you know that there are countries in this world where people have no freedom what so ever?

648941-north-korea-soldier 2.jpg

Do you know that there are people starving to death right now? Let me say it again, starving to death… 

starving-child-5 2.jpg

Do you know how many lonely old people are there in this world who just need some company? Someone to care about them? To call for 10 minutes and ask how their day was?


Do you know that there are little new born babies in the world who can not find home and are put in special hospitals with only few nurses to take care of them? They are tiny. They cry a lot, they need love, they need to be hugged and carried around, close to the heart. But there are not enough people to hug them so they grow up with many difficulties. They don’t develop properly.

Can you feel the loneliness they are going through every day? When they grow older and they can’t run to mom or dad and tell them about their achievements at school, or that they got the first place in a dance competition… No one is really waiting for them and all they are waiting for it love. Can you feel it? It is heart breaking. But you know what? There are volunteers who go to those babies and hug them for hours. Just hug… Just because.


Do you know..

Do you know..

Do you know..

Do you even care ?

What are we living for in this world? Why is it so hard to do more than just fulfill our own ego, our needs.

What is a good life for you? Isn’t giving more beautiful than receiving? 

Live beyond, please, live beyond your passion, your ego, yourself.

There is so much to do for others in this world. Even little things…

Just think about it, think about what you not want to regret in the moment of your death. Is helping others, doing something extra, really that much? Why do we live such “small” lives? Human beings are capable of so much.

You can start now. You can change your life right now.


Do you even care.. ? 


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Have you ever waned the world to stop?

When I was little I always wanted the world to stop, even for a minute. I wanted to be the one who can see frozen cars and birds, walk around when everything stops. I bet you thought about that at least once in your life, didn’t you? 🙂

Believe it or not but it happened to me, well… almost.

I go to school in Boston and the main two buildings are located by a pretty busy street. There are cars there at all times, day and night. People walk from building to building, class to class.

You may think, how did the world stop then? It did!

It was a Tuesday afternoon. I got an alert from public safety that the school is going to be closed because of the snow storm. Since the weather seemed to be just fine, I decided to stay at school for a longer time. Few hours later, I looked outside and realized that the snow has come. That night I decided to sleep on my friend’s couch and not risk going home in such wind and storm. The next morning I woke up to a frozen world.




Almost no cars, no people. Just silence and snow. I felt like the world froze for a day. I walked around, everything was closed, the city was absolutely dead. In a place like Boston only snow could put it to ”sleep” and it did. It was strange.. yet beautiful.


Have you ever wondered how would it feel like if the world stopped? I got to experience only a little bit of that and it was beyond magical.

29365711_10204102984652592_3854963014809681920_o (1).jpg

Remember, find joy in the little moments 🙂 Go for a walk with your friends, have a snow fight, cook with your family. There is beauty in everything. Just open your eyes and see it!



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Dinner served by Chef at Hyatt, met him on Uber.. How to make fairy tales come true!

October 23rd, 2017.

I can’t remember what time it was but it was late. I decided to take Uber Pool home. We stopped and picked him up. Conversation started and he tried to figure out where I was from. Ukraine? Slovakia? Poland!

“You remind me of someone very dear to my heart. I am a Chef at Hyatt in Cambridge and I would love to cook for you one day because you brought me back all these beautiful memories. Here is my number. If you are ever around, please come by.”

5 months later..

February 15th, 2018.

“Hi Nick! This is Basia. I don’t know if you remember me.. We met on Uber 5 months ago”

March 3rd, 2018

That date will forever be in my memory as a day of my fairy tale coming true. Me and my friend Mesi arrived at the hotel at 5pm. Found the restaurant and a reserved table waiting for us. At this point I was so nervous and excited at the same time, I could’t move. He finally came. The one and only – Nick. The sweetest most polite person. He said that we can choose whatever we want from the menu and as much as we want…

You know the feeling when you can only choose one thing and you feel very bad because you can’t decided? Imagine knowing that you can get all that you want, and you want the whole menu… 🙂

We didn’t want to ask for too much so we ordered one appetizer for both of us. I think maybe we said something wrong but we received 7 dishes… Not one but seven..


(there was more, that’s just a part of it!)

Nick took care of us and brought everything to out table, explained what things were and left us with the most delicious food I’ve ever tried in Boston.



Every single second of that Saturday evening felt like a movie and dream that is impossible to come true. Yet, there we were, sitting in a restaurant, eating delicious food made by such an incredible human – Nick, trying to keep every second and never letting go of the pure happiness we’ve had in our hearts.


I truly believe that good comes back to you and the best things in life happen unexpectedly.

After those 7 delicious dishes it was time for… dessert! Of course 🙂

Oh I can still remember the flavor of every single thing that we received. IMG_1267.jpg

IMG_1275 (1).jpg

Looking at those pictures I still can’t believe that it happened to us.

I met Nick on uber.. How unpredictable is that. My lesson from that is to always be kind and nice to people who you meet in life. Be good to one another and the kindness will come back to you.


Nick, thank you so much for hosting us and making this fairy tale come true.. 🙂



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